Will I get worksheets and assignments?


Yes! I will give you tools, worksheets, and resources as they apply. Our process together might vary and I won’t overwhelm you with sheets and assignments unrelated to your goals — make sense?

But yes, you will have plenty of homework assignments and resources you can keep as a reference for later.


What happens when I progress slower than expected?

Don’t worry — this happens. We will go and grow at your pace. The course speed is not mandatory. We’ll work on your individual goals for as long as you need. Also, keep mind that I’m not just going to leave you at the end of the three months. You might consider continuing on, as many do who have come to value my work. Growth takes time. It takes practice, patience, and perseverance. I’m here to teach you techniques and to hold you accountable as long as you want me to back you up. That is entirely up to you. We will work at your pace.


What happens after the three months of the program are up?

This is up to you. Most people renew for another 3 months to keep their momentum.

We can easily drop back into old habits if we don’t work out our attitudinal muscles and mental fitness.

It’s like going to the gym. You don’t just stop when you’ve reached your goal and go back to your old habits. You will continue on. You may not need your coach every week, but you may want to check in with me from time to time to do a spot check, attitude adjustment, etc.

If you started with Option 1, you may drop down to Option 2 and then eventually maybe even only need Option 3.

Some clients just book a breakthrough session every quarter to keep themselves in check and aligned.

That’s what I personally do. Every quarter I set a day aside to meet with my coach and strategize about what I have accomplished according to what I set out to experience, learn, create and where I want to go from here. Is there something that needs to change or did something become redundant? Do I need to pivot or did life just have a completely different plan?


What happens if I have to cancel a session?


Unfortunately, if you cancel your session the same day or are a no-show, I am not able to reschedule and you will lose the session. Please keep in mind I have many clients and cannot accommodate last-minute requests.


I’ll be traveling during our program. Can you work around my schedule?


Good question! I am a traveler and chances are many of you are road warriors as well. Don’t worry — we will work around your schedule and time zone differences. I work with people across many time zones and it’s all workable. I just need you to be a little flexible and open minded. This might mean we will not always be using video on Skype and will instead do a call only.

Please note: I do have blackout dates for travel. During those times, I will not be able to book any sessions. Those are your implementation weeks. ☺


What happens before our initial session?

Before our initial deep dive session, you will receive a questionnaire I need you to diligently fill out. You will then be sent an invite to my calendar to book a time suitable for you. You will also have access to this calendar to book your subsequent sessions. I encourage you to book these well in advance, as my calendar fills up quickly with the most popular times. Please be mindful of the times you choose and please don’t commit to a time you cannot keep. I encourage you  to book the same time slot every week. It’s good for consistency.



What happens DURING our session?


I work over Skype video calls. Please make sure you are in a location that is private and quiet. We might discuss some very personal and intimate stuff and I want you to be in a place that is comfortable to you. Please don’t Skype me in your underwear ☺ Dress appropriately and I’ll do the same for you.

Come prepared for our sessions. Send me assignments well in advance so I have a chance to look them over and give you feedback.



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Are you a good fit for the Growth Experience coaching program?


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  • You’re someone who has already achieved high levels of success.

  • You’re someone who thinks that they know-it-all and have already learned all there is to know.

  • You’re unwilling to be coachable and learn powerful time-tested techniques.

  • You don’t have the willingness to persevere when obstacles come your way.

  • You believe that past performance always equals future success.  


If you’re relentlessly seeking to elevate your game in all facets of life, now is the time to breakthrough your barriers and take the quantum leap in your life and business.


“I am always confident that no matter what the conversation, challenge or objective, Silvia will contribute valuable insight, enthusiasm, and determination. She is an extremely intelligent, hard working, and genuine expert, and a true asset to anyone who wants to get to the next level in their lives.”