Business Consulting

A trusted partner to grow and scale business

I am the business advisor that entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executive teams turn to during different stages of growth.

Often I act in the role of outsourced Operations Lead within executive teams. My dynamic frameworks for scalable business solutions are geared towards optimizing operational efficiencies while providing feedback on leadership challenges in rapidly growing companies.

Having lead operations for a number of technology startups in my career, I learned and developed methodologies that lead great companies towards scale and success, and I have also seen first-hand what to avoid when companies are on an unhealthy trajectory.

By providing a step by step framework with consistent support along the way, I help keep companies on the path towards holistic healthy growth. It is of the utmost importance to think about human design as much as operational design when building for long-term growth and success, and through my collaborative process alongside the executive team, we develop strong and solid pathways that ensure financial success and personal fulfillment simultaneously.

My clients value me for my clarity and honesty – I’m considered a trusted gun for hire often in a role of a turnaround CEO or COO when organizations are struggling to find their footing. I’m an independent sounding board to help meet company goals.

It’s my job to make you better at yours so your company – and the individuals within it – can not only survive but thrive.


“Silvia is an expert advisor for founders and entrepreneurs. She helped us effectively scale across two major pivot points in our business. Once to launch and then again when we rapidly grew. We improved our market strategy, grew our team, restructured our brand strategy and set concrete goals to work towards. As a result of her efforts, we progressed twice as fast toward our goals as was envisioned in the growth strategy. This is the impact that I have come to expect from Silvia: she always delivers twice the value.”


Individual Work

“Silvia has an incredible ability to get to the real, core issue of a situation (whether it be a business problem or a personal habit) very quickly. But it’s her extraordinary insight and vision that help transform your reality into thrilling opportunities for growth and success. She meets you where you are, takes a good look at where you’re coming from, and pulls away the curtains that have been blocking your view – curtains that you never even knew were there. The ease in which Silvia can unlock potential in people and companies is a testament to how perfectly suited she is to do this type of work.”


Super excited to share we just launched the English version of the DNX podcast! And I will be hosting it for 2018. I will be interviewing incredible people living unconventional, impact-driven lives.

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