How to Break Free from Fear

Silvia Christmann

Sometimes when things go wrong, fear takes over and we are unable to move forward.

We get stuck anticipating the worst-case scenario. Mistakes and failures can drag us down unless we take action to move forward and break through the barriers of fear. Success takes discipline, resilience, and self-awareness.

Here are 7 ways to get unstuck and back on the path to success:


1. Start by accepting the situation. Some things just are what they are, and no one is at fault.

We have to learn how to accept situations and realize that there are some things we cannot change. Acceptance is often the solution to our problems.

2. Realize that failure is one of the stepping stones to success.

Standing in the face of failure does not make YOU a failure. Fear of failure and shame is the largest barrier to growth and can cause analysis paralysis. You need the flexibility to rule out options, try new things, evaluate, pivot, and get back out there. Learn how to view mistakes as stepping stones to growth, rather than evidence of personal failure. You will be a better leader when you can relate from personal experience—not just the safe choices, but a full range of experiences. Own the fact that you have made a mistake, and then either learn from it, write it off, or fix it. The ability to move on quickly after a mistake is key on the personal journey to success.

3. Maintain your mental discipline.

Feeling fearful and stuck is a choice you make. You have the power to choose what you see. Emotions run in a cause-and-effect pattern. Rather than dwelling on what can go wrong, remain focused on new opportunities and possibilities. Don’t allow your mind to wander into doomsday. Stay in motion.

4. Choose a positive affirmation.

Pick a positive mantra for the day and use it EVERY TIME a self-defeating thought creeps in. It can be anything from “This too shall pass” to “I’ve got this” to “This will be awesome”. One of my favorite Kundalini mantras is “sa ta na ma”, which helps intercept negative thought processes and addictive behaviors.

5. Move your body to quiet your mind.

Keep that blood flowing and those endorphins high. Get out of your head and into your body first thing in the morning to avoid being seduced by the self-defeating chatter of your mind—yoga is my personal favorite. Stretch, take a walk, or go for a run whenever self- defeating or fearful thoughts creep in. Move a muscle and change a thought.

6. Practice joy and positivity.

I live my life by setting my intention for the day and envisioning the best possible outcome. Nobody likes to be around people who stay down and complain. Instead of remaining stuck in fear and negativity, get up, dust yourself off, and seize the day.

7. Ask for and accept help without feeling embarrassed.

This is a hard one. For many people, asking for help is difficult because it means they don’t know what they are doing. In reality, the most successful people are those who never assume they have the answers in the first place. They usually just have the ideas, and then work with others to help them find the answers. This is an important distinction.

Above all, recognize that the path to success is NOT linear.

When failures occur, many people get discouraged because of a false belief that the journey to success is supposed to be a steady uphill climb.

In reality, it’s far more cyclical than we think, from aspiration to success to failure. An aspiration can end up failing, but still open up new doors. Sometimes an aspiration can lead to success and then a lingering sense of plateau.

Believing that success is a linear path sets a very dangerous expectation for us to get it right ALL the time. It undermines feelings of success and leads people to make compromised decisions, rather than boldly going out there to shine.

Your path to success won’t look like anyone else’s path. Don’t let failures, big or small, get you stuck. Keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel and move past your fears without regret.

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