Do you have a Creative Change Agent? Here is Why you Need one!

I want to share a few thoughts on the importance of having a catalyst to drive us toward the change we really want to make.
I've been thinking about this all week…. I like gallivanting around the world. Winters are my annual personal growth sabbaticals.


When travel I get to connect with old friends, make new ones and learn a whole bunch of things I could never imagine. I get to do fun stuff, experiment and find amazing opportunities along the way. Traveling is my catalyst for change. I call it my change agent. It is what feeds my spirit, sparks new ideas and fuels my drive.

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I credit my travel, sense for adventure, the abundance of experiences and random encounters as the sources of all my inspiration. 

Gallivanting around the globe is also what I do when I feel disillusioned, or stuck – I walk out the door and into the world. I expand my horizon and invest in personal growth. I expose myself to the world in all it’s richness to gain new perspectives.

For me, my travel creates a space in which new opportunity can emerge. By stepping away and into the world I de-clutter my life, my heart and my head.

Easy – right? Noooo. It did not come easy to me either. I worked on it and learned that different things work at different times. Everything changes – even change agents!

So lets talk a little more about this change agent business and why I think everyone needs this.

Life is constantly changing. We change. Our preferences change. Our circumstances change.  In order to navigate this well, we need creative change agents. We cannot create a future unlike the past if we don’t change what we know is no longer working for us.

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. Ever heard this before? Yes, me too! I think it is true – but it doesn’t mean we have to walk out there unprepared. We can choose ways that help us thrive in uncertainty.

A creative change agent is something you do that will help you move forward. It's something you do when faced with change, adversity and uncertainty.  They are ways to break the cycle when you are feeling a bit disillusioned, …..or simply not really inspired by what you do.  Stuff that feeds your spirit and gets you excited about life.

Still not sure? Don't stress. This is not another ‘to-do’ list item. Simply start with this:

Stop. Observe. Let go. Relax.

1. Take a step back. Evaluate what makes you feel good and what makes you feel icky. Notice your thinking and your judgments. Notice what elevates your state of mind.  Be gentle with yourself but be radical in your choices.

2. Step out. Do something different. Try something new. Go expand your world and with it your vision for your future. See what else is out there. Get some new ideas from people you would not ordinarily come across in your everyday life.

3. Run. Sometimes you need to make a run for it. Seriously, some situations are not worth gradual adjustments. Shake the shackles and run… run out of the darkness into the light. I know this might seem radical– but this might be absolutely necessary. You have my permission. 

Life can take some interesting turns. I know mine does…. it's never boring. I’ve had times in my life where I could barely get out of bed and could not see the light of day. Every bit of light at the other end of the tunnel seemed like another oncoming train.

Ever feel like that? Maybe this helps:    

  • Go where the love is. When times are tough and the road is bumpy, surround yourself with love, warmth and kindness. Do what feeds your heart and spirit – know all else will fall into place.
  • Ignore those who take pleasure in other people's pain. Set strong boundaries. Really think about what you let in and who you let in. The company we keep dictates how we navigate uncertainty.
  • Meditate like your sanity depends on it. Because it does! Your ticket out, is going inwards.  Separate from the mind and its fearful dictates. Make sure you keep space between action and reaction. Stay level headed to avoid making aimless, fear-based decisions.
  • Failure is one of the stepping stones to success. Know you will be a better leader when you can relate from personal experience. You will benefit from a full range of experiences – not just the safe choices.
  • Be mindful who you talk to. Who lifts you out of fear? Who helps you step into your light and find solutions? Who will bring out more fear and doubt? Avoid all people that are focused on problems.   Politely disassociate!
  • Be a rebel. Self-care is an act of rebellion –Invest in your health, your sanity and a centered state of mind first. Then create a future unlike the past from that place.
  • Stay vulnerable. Stay open. Don’t let bad experiences harden or operate as if you have to protect yourself in the future. This would only bind you to what you think you need to protect yourself from.
  • Learn from mistakes, but don’t deny them power over your future.  You cannot create anything worth while if you think you need to create what was lacking in the past.
  • Still think your ship is sinking? – Dive and swim to the other side. There is a whole other world on the other side of the shore with lots of opportunity.

Last but not least. I want to share my 8 favorite ways of thinking.

1.  Stay willing to learn – Don’t assume you know the answers. That is a sure way of developing blind spots.

2.  Be open to strangers and be curious about their world. Keep an open mind at all times.

3.  Take nothing for granted, stay in awe about what you have and get to experience.

4.  Don't be entitled. I'm not suggesting you lower you standards. Just don’t limit your choices with a false sense of entitlement.

5.  Learn to be a good judge of people so you can hang with strangers everywhere.

6.  Keep a sense of humor and surround yourself with those who can laugh at their own missteps and misfortune.

7.  Know are no guaranties anyway. You might as well do what makes you happy.

8.  Love life and it will love you right back

As always I want to hear from you. My creative change agent are travel, yoga and meditation. What is your creative change agent?

Lots of love,