Have you ever chased a dream like it was the last train leaving the station?

I know I have! I just recently had to painfully admit to myself that I was chasing the wrong train.

I didn’t just chase it – I boarded it as well. It took me on a rollercoaster ride for about a year.

And this wasn’t my first time either!  I’ve found myself chasing an empty dream before.

Truth be told, I think it’s very common.

You are not the only one. And neither am I. We all make mistakes.

When we get on the wrong train, our egos become deeply invested in its destination! We can easily attach our desires to the journey and consequently suffer from unfulfilled expectations.

When I get hooked on a dream – it’s hard to hold me back.

And when I realize it’s not working, that can also be a tough thing to come to terms with! Nobody likes to admit defeat.

Here are the 3 principles I follow to get myself back on track!

1. Make sure I check in with myself before making decisions.

I let intuition be my guide; it’s the only way to find out what I’m really passionate about. If there is truth to my endeavor, there will be a ring to it that will resonate throughout my whole body.

I cultivate habits that allow me to have an intuitive knowingness that I can tap into.

My whole body tells me when I’m spot on, and it also tells me when I’m wrong – in which case I feel rigid, weighed down, or even stuck.

All I’ve got to do is listen.

We are so trained to make decisions with our minds, that by planning and considering our options, we totally bypass the tremendous wisdom of our bodies.

Even worse, we often do not take care of our bodies at all. We get busy, forget to eat, and don’t sleep enough. We avoid issues and we totally check out. How could we possibly notice what feels right if we don’t take care of our temple?

If we defile the temple, we block the wisdom that lives within. Keep your body, mind, and spirit clean, and your intuition will be clear.

2. Ask my trusted advisors.

I surround myself with people who have clarity and the ability to give constructive feedback. They give me solid reference points I might otherwise ignore.

We can’t do this alone. It takes a village. So choose your village wisely!

Create a community of trusted advisors. Seek out those who brighten, not dim, your shine: people who have your back and live with forward momentum. Create a potent combination of Skeptics, Enthusiasts, Connectors, Mentors, and Doers.

Avoid and eliminate Energy Vampires at all cost. They will not help you get anywhere.

Always consider the source of feedback. Stick to those with clarity and effective habits. In my experience, those who have clarity within themselves are more likely to be true mirrors to me.

They help me grow and maintain forward momentum.

People who delight in their own growth also delight in mine. They are not afraid to look at their own reflection, and thus can help me see my areas of improvement, potential mistakes, or misjudgments.

On the other hand, evasive people who avoid their own challenges will give us a distorted reflection. They like to place blame, because telling someone else what is wrong with them is easier than looking inwards.

3. Be willing to admit I’m wrong.

If I can stay open to being wrong, I’m always open to making necessary changes.

Love yourself for being wrong. While I aim to surround myself with people of fierce clarity, I assure you my reflection in them is not always pretty.

On the contrary, it can be ugly and surprising – it can be uncomfortable to really look at myself and my choices.

I’ve had to learn to love myself for not being perfect so I can admit my misjudgments more easily.

After all – nobody is perfect!

Remember, you are never a victim of circumstance. You are never really stuck. That is just a feeling. Facing the truth sets you free. Truth gives you choice. Choice gives you an opportunity to grow and evolve.

Facing the uncomfortable truth is what gets me off that train.

So jump on that train, follow your gut, and give yourself permission to leave whatever situation no longer serves you.

Lots of love,


“If you abandon for a little while your ego and greed, tear down your shield, rise with a quest, to unite with the divine, what do you think will happen?” ~ Rumi