Sometimes I hit a dead end. I find myself feeling stuck, misaligned and uninspired. Something just isn’t right and nothing is in its flow.

Can you relate?

Do you get stuck in this place in your head where nothing seems right?

Do you ever feel like your future is too far away from your current reality?

Maybe you are faced with failure, difficult circumstances, or disillusionment.  Or maybe you are simply paralyzed by anxiety.

Or my personal favorite – things are just not going as planned (like that ever happens). You know when you think you are going to do one thing but nothing seems to be moving forward the way you thought it would?

I know I do. I get stuck. I get lost….

Whenever I start to feel this way, it’s time to go back to these 5 basic practices:

  1. Gratitude.
  2. Practice joy
  3. Deepen your connection with others – reach out
  4. Health. Sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise – move a muscle, change a thought
  5. Take a look under your emotional hood


A happy life begins to unfold on the path of gratitude. We have to appreciate life so we can experience its vibrancy. Write down what you are thankful for, and read the entire list for seven days in a row. Use these expressions of gratitude for inspiration:

“Today I am thankful for the light in my life.”

“I am thankful for the air that I breathe.”

“I am thankful for the inspirations I see every day.”

“I am thankful for this body as it gives me the ability to experience life.”

“I am thankful for every person in my life, even those who may have wronged me. They are my greatest teachers.”

“I am thankful for my beloved as they love me with all my quirks and inconsistencies.”

“I am thankful for the home that I live in, the food that I eat, and the clean water I drink.”

“I am grateful for love, and the universe in all its magnificence and abundance.”


Practice joy

Make a serious commitment to bring joy everywhere. Be silly and playful in your interactions. Think of ways you can bring joy to others. Reach out and see where you can uplift others rather than dwelling in your own misery.

Make it a point to make even the most mundane tasks fun. I don’t love cleaning, but I do love dancing. So, whenever I have to clean, I put on music and dance. In this way, I transform a chore into an act of joy.

You can do this with anything. Joy is a choice, so choose to practice it in everything you do.


Deepen your connection with others

This is a big one. You have got to reach out to others. No one can get unstuck alone- it takes the help of a community. Make a list of your family, your tribe, and your trusted advisors, and be totally transparent with them.

Tell them what is going on. You will be surprised how many people may have suffered through something similar in silence. They will have charted a path back to happiness and growth already, so all you have to do is follow.

Those that can’t help now might be encouraged to reach out a few years later when they go through tough times. Your transparency can give them the courage to reach out when they need it. Be brave. Have courage. You will be able to help others.


Health: Sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise

These times when you feel sad, frustrated, and stuck can be the easiest times to neglect your health. You don’t want to exercise, you don’t want to eat healthily, and you stay up late in the night dwelling on your worries.

This is exactly the opposite of what you need. Take care of your body.  Be obsessive about your health. Give your body the rest it needs by getting plenty of sleep. Drink adequate amounts of alkaline fluids. Steer clear of caffeine, meat, and dairy—and transition over to greens, grains, and superfoods.

Most importantly, exercise. If you want to get your thoughts and feelings moving toward a better place, you have to start by moving your body. Get out of your head, move a muscle, and change a thought.


Take a look under the emotional hood

Those four steps will always get you on the right path, but treating a spiritual ailment requires a precise diagnosis, just like a physical ailment does. You have to figure out what’s at the root of your current frustration.

Maybe there are too many energy vampires, complainers, or manipulators around you. Avoid getting sucked into emotional conformity and step away from people who don’t have the fortitude to move forward. Loosen your ties to the people that hold you back and forge deeper connections with the people that can take some pressure off you.

Examine your fear. Are you letting it get in the way of your happiness? Fear of failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you let the fear keep you from even trying, then you are doomed to fail.

Finally, let go of any excuses.  Let go of the lies you use to convince yourself that you don’t need a change.

Ask yourself:

What stories are you holding on to that don’t serve you?

Where are you using complaining as a substitute for action?

What do you need to do to break your pattern and get back on the track to growth?

I hope this was helpful! When I get stuck, I usually find there are some uncomfortable truths that I need to confront, and it takes a bit of work to uncover what they are.


Much love,