Life is an adventure. How would you move in this word if you really went for it, if you realized that you would not die, that you would never lose anything?” ~MICHAEL B. BECKWITH

 Most of us are either held back or driven by fear!

Theoretically, all we need is to watch our thinking, engage in activities that bring us joy, and create healthy, effective habits while working towards a goal.

Easy, right? Nooo! It isn’t.

I think above all we need to believe. We must have an inner conviction or a burning desire to really go for it. We must be able to abandon our fear. We need a pull stronger than fear.

Think about it, what would you do if you really went for it knowing that you would not lose anything of value? What would you dare to do?

Can you envision that? Yes? Good, then keep reading.

I’d like to pretend that imagination is my only limit. I’m not denying the power of visualizing your future and best possible outcomes for any endeavor.

But let’s be real. All your thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams and visualizations will not take form without diligent actions towards them.

No change has ever been accomplished without actions taken toward it.

As a matter of fact, if you don’t take charge of your thinking and pair it with action, you maybe feel more disillusioned than ever.

But how do we avoid being paralyzed by fear along the way? Fear is what stops most of us from taking the next step.

What does it take?

First of all, you must have an inner conviction that your dreams are worth the struggle, paired with a burning desire and belief that you will deliver great value to the people in your life.

Then you have to face a few realities:

  • Expect to be faced with family members & friends doubting your goals and efforts.
  • Commit to diligently eliminating distractions.
  • Let go of relationships and people who would not support your goals.
  • Know when and how to leave toxic environments.
  • Learn how to ignore the haters. Selective ignorance is bliss.
  • Let go of old stories that you tell yourself to make excuses.
  • Schedule and prioritize your time based on your goals.
  • Learn to say yes without resentment and no without regret.
  • Get an accountability buddy – someone with whom you can share the joy of progress.
  • Come to recognize the flutter in your stomach as excitement.

Yes! Let yourself be excited!

Now, let’s talk a little more about fear. The most meaningful journeys come with great joys, trials, and tribulations. And fear will pop up first when the rubber meets the road.

We all fear something. Remember that fear is a figment of our imagination.

  • Fear is what keeps us focused on survival and adaptation to the turbulence of life – away from simple solutions
  • Fear will make us numb to our reality, and disconnected from others
  • Fear tells us to focus on external issues appearing real
  • Fear creates a mindset of limitation. It keeps us where we are – sitting around complaining about our self-created confinements
  • Fear tells us that our lack of freedom is not related to the choices we make


When I get scared, I try to focus on 3 things I believe:

  1. There is nothing really happening other than the static in our minds. The war of fear and doubt is between the head and the heart.
  2. Do not ignore the calling of your soul, you will destine yourself to a life of mediocrity, having to anesthetize against regret.
  3. If we don’t choose to live in our greatness and brilliance, we will live quiet lives of desperation. We will either be pushed by pain or pulled by desire.

Sounds urgent, right? Well, it is! How much more time will you waste before taking steps toward a more fulfilled life?

Don’t mind the fears and doubts – take them with you, they’ll pop up anyway – most of the time they will translate into excitement. Don’t wait for fear to fade away, do it in spite of fear.

If fear isn’t holding us back, we can change our entire reality. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you really reached for it?

I’m convinced that if we don’t give in to the beauty of our hearts, we’ll end up paralyzed by life, cynical and bitter. We cannot feel bliss if we compromise our brilliance.

Do me a favor in 2015, eject yourself from a life of self-created confinements and into a life you find worth living.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?



Lots of love,



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