I am an executive coach and business consultant who’s spent the last 12 years helping high-achievers develop themselves, create the lives they want, and build successful businesses.

My mission is to maximize global impact by curating human potential. I work with people who dare to care, challenge dated systems, and transform the status quo.

My clients are visionaries and change-makers, driven to create the change they want to see in this world; building innovative, successful businesses while staying grounded in a meaningful life well-lived.

Achieving any audacious goal starts from a place of self-discovery and requires personal development. I give my clients dynamic frameworks in which they can consistently learn, grow, and change. These frameworks provide the foundation needed to overcome obstacles and create clarity for effective execution.

I was born in Germany, raised across Europe and have worked in more than seven countries. I’ve cultivated a high level of cross-cultural competence, which has allowed me to establish a global client base. In my early career, I specialized in business development and helped build successful companies from pre-revenue to their first million and beyond. Now, I focus on structuring businesses and transforming leaders during periods of rapid scale. Before starting my boutique practice in 2011, I was part of three startups and played a central role in launching MediaRadar. Under my tenure, the company developed into an ad tech leader with more than $20 million in revenue.

I have been honored to work closely with tech entrepreneurs, hedge fund managers, physicians, lawyers, and professional athletes, as well as C-level executives at companies like Google, Bridgewater, PWC, Deutsch, and Tom’s Shoes, among many others. I have advised over 10 companies to effectively scale, including The Bond Collective (US), Look at Media (RU), and Sapina Ltd (APAC). I am a keynote speaker who teaches seminars at Columbia University,  Fortune 100 companies, and numerous global conferences.


(In full length)

Before starting my boutique practice in 2011, I was focused on building startups. I’ve had the privilege to learn from very successful serial entrepreneurs – true visionaries, evaders of convention, people who believe that a great idea can be born out of frustration, a need we see in a marketplace, and a true desire to create change by innovating products.

Building startups quickly taught me how to wear many hats. I became extremely resourceful and fast on my feet, with a keen ability to explore alternatives and options while simultaneously evaluating long-term goals. You could say I’ve been in the “growth” business my entire professional career. I worked in tech with a focus on media, social impact, and design; building companies and transforming sales teams during periods of rapid growth.

This work was enjoyable and fruitful, but something still wasn’t fully aligned with the totality of me. Through a lot of inner work, I became increasingly aware that my life path is driven by these core values: Drive change in this world (social and economic impact); a need for personal freedom and adventure; a need to build and create things (my love for entrepreneurship); desire for constant change, and leveraging wellness as key driver for success.

From this clarity and insight, I developed unconventional frameworks that served as a catalyst in reorienting my life, both harnessing and amplifying my biggest strengths, while turning my weaknesses into valuable assets I could leverage for further growth and success.

2010 marked a big turning point in my life. After years of burning the candle at both ends, I made the terrifying decision to put my core values first. It was time to reevaluate what was important in life, the role I wanted to play as a leader in this world, and how I wanted to feel.

The foundation of this was a fundamental lifestyle shift in 2004, during which I discovered the yogic path. It laid the groundwork that began to fundamentally change my perspective on life, and with it, my priorities.

I acted fearlessly on my desire to immerse myself in the study of different spiritual modalities and metaphysical principles. To do so, I had to lighten my load and rid myself of worldly responsibilities and possessions. I gave up my apartment and everything I owned, so I could study with teachers all around the world, freely and without interruption.

It was simultaneously the most enriching and challenging time in my life. I explored radical new ways of thinking – the fact is, you can retrain your brain to simply see things differently. I sat in ashrams and monasteries, and I visited many holy sites. I learned ‘the art of living” from eccentric beings, enlighten Guru’s and very controversial teachers leading unconventional lives, who I met along my path.

During this time, I became certified as a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, in Thai Vedic Bodywork, Kundalini Tantra, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Vedic meditation, I embraced the Kundalini Yoga practice as my specialty while Ashtanga Yoga became my personal practice. My work today is based on the connection between the body, mental habits, diet, lifestyle choices, and energy levels. I find cathartic practices instrumental to overcoming trauma and the deeply rooted blocks that keep us from moving forward. It’s why I became a student of the Course in Miracles and spent many months in the Osho Ashram in Pune, India – I am fascinated by his teachings. Additionally, I took courses in EFT, NLP, CTM, Enneagram, Human Design, the Art of Sacred Ceremony and Rituals – to name a few.

I traveled across India and Sri Lanka on a motorcycle, letting the wind take me from one adventure to the next, and allowing my need for personal freedom to drive my ambitions. It was a very necessary process to break the shackles of convention and join my visionaries on a road to an unconventional life that’s fully aligned with my values.

And, with this, new opportunities began to emerge very naturally. Not only did people want my help building businesses, they also wanted to know what drove my instincts and ambitions. They wanted to know how to live in a fearless, yet grounded, pursuit of freedom.

I was being approached to consult on various projects, setting up business development strategies for startups across different verticals. I helped drive sales from $1 million annually to $4 million at a financial services company. I spearheaded a new market entrance strategy for an edtech startup in Asia. I established partnerships and licensing agreements within the beauty and fashion verticals. I’ve been advising many entrepreneurs since then, but have been sworn to secrecy (you know, the NDA thing).

Simultaneously, I started building out my growth experiences as an offering – to guide others through the process of creating dynamic frameworks in which they can also thrive. I started helping individuals to stay motivated while giving them necessary psychological enablers to navigate the landscape of change while moving away from the dictates of convention.

Today, I’m happy to say that my life and work today are aligned with who I’ve always been. I am truly living my purpose on every level.

I now have the privilege to sit across from greatness every day. I get to work with extraordinary people. I transform lives, businesses, and with that – I aim to change the world.

Ultimately, I want people to discover their greatness. I have had the honor to help catalyze extraordinary leaders since 2011.  I have lived and worked in more than seven countries, taught in both German and English, and I split my time working with people and companies across the US, Europe, and Asia.

I am a hustler by nature, a yogi, and a meditator. I’m based in New York but essentially live everywhere and nowhere. I’m a nomad at heart.

I never miss a moment; I constantly gather new experiences. I love to expand my horizons, cultivate a global perspective, and relentlessly share my passion. I have an infectious enthusiasm for life and am constantly driven to create change. I have learned everything I know from a balance of experience, missteps, and good judgment.


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