When I left the tech startup world in 2010, I was already pretty burned out, yet I had no real idea why that was the case.

I wanted to start a business that aligned with my purpose while being healthy, happy, and highly productive, ALL at the same time.

Little did I know that being a solo entrepreneur was just another way to run myself into the ground. I am a go-getter with high aspirations. And this ambition of mine keeps getting the best of me.

Stress is a massive roadblock on the entrepreneurial journey. When we allow stress to dominate our lives, we become more doubtful, less healthy, and less productive.

Understanding the effects of stress changed my life–and eventually my business model (but that’s a different story).

After many years of struggling with stress as a side effect of my ambitions, I was used to functioning at a subpar level and had no idea what it felt like to be well-rested and energized.

When my fatigue started reaching debilitating levels, I needed to make dramatic changes.  I had to become a master of my time, my health, and my energy levels.

Today, I’m the opposite of burned out.  I have become addicted to feeling calm, focused, and energized.

And this is how I did it:

1. Identify the Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

How do you know if you’re suffering from stress-induced adrenal fatigue? Think about the beginning and end of your days. Do you have trouble waking up? Do you feel lethargic, tired, and drained in the morning? Does your energy level drop precipitously between 3-4 PM? These are both symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

People suffering from adrenal fatigue frequently feel hungry, crave salty foods, and often have the urge to eat late at night.

Finally, feeling constantly impatient, irritated, and unhappy can be a signal of adrenal fatigue. People suffering from adrenal fatigue also tend to get sick more easily and are less productive overall.

2. Understand the Causes Of Adrenal Fatigue

Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that influences many of the body’s responses to stress. It regulates blood sugar levels, immune responses, blood pressure, and a variety of other physiological processes. Some people just have naturally low levels of cortisol, but it can also be influenced by our habits.

Poor diet, including lots of sugar, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, animal products, or acidic foods, can impact cortisol levels, as can lack of sleep. Traumatic experiences and a lack of joyful or rejuvenating experiences in life can also distort cortisol.

3. Learn about Cures For Adrenal Fatigue

I’ve had to deal with adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, and burnout – debilitating experiences that I would never downplay. I’ve been there. So when I tell you it’s possible to not only manage stress but to also develop habits that will allow you to charge ahead, know that I speak from experience.

Conquering adrenal fatigue requires a radical change in your basic habits. All you have to do is change EVERYTHING!

Yeah, I know, I wish I could tell you otherwise. However, if you are struggling with these symptoms, you are most likely lacking many healthy habits in your life.

6 Basic Changes You Can Make

  1. Be honest with yourself and identify what is no longer working in your life. How are you not treating yourself well?
  2. Change your diet: I recommend an alkaline diet with plenty of green veggies – the more color the better. Eliminate all sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.
  3. Take charge of your sleep quality. Rejuvenate yourself by creating a sleep routine. That could mean meditating, taking a bath, or doing something that relaxes you and invigorates your spirit.
  4. Exercise: Break a sweat every day, laugh often, and don’t forget to stretch.
  5. Learn how to meditate. It will help you get to know yourself. I prefer to meditate with Mantra, and I use a lot of kundalini techniques. You can also check out transcendental meditation.
  6. Get away from toxic environments and out of toxic relationships. (Your life and sanity depend on it.)

How To Move Forward

Take charge of your life, your health, and your habits to stop the constant fatigue and feel vibrant, charged, and fully alive. Take responsibility for your emotional state and lifestyle choices.

Treat your body, mind, and spirit with great care. Do not defile your temple, as this limits the divine that lives within. When you are careless with yourself, your health, and your body, you disrespect your inner potential.

All too often, we see people pretend that these healthy habits don’t matter. Develop positive habits that cultivate happiness; don’t just avoid bad habits.

If sudden life changes are causing symptoms of stress and fatigue, let them wake you up. Let them force you to change everything that is no longer working so you can truly feel alive. Let fatigue, stress, and burnout be catalysts for chasing something new. Start a quest for your own happiness, health, and radiance. Let your curiosity drive you to create the life you really want.

Cultivating habits of health and happiness will lead to surrounding yourself with a positive support system. Learn how to treat yourself well, and others will follow suit.

Don’t keep the company of those who will not help you grow, heal or thrive. Go where the love is. Go where it’s warm. Stay with people who love without fear, who can stand next to you in hardship, and who want to support your dreams.

As always, I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences.

Much love,