Stay Healthy and Happy on the Road with My Top 3 Tips

Ever wonder what is in my suitcase?

It’s not what you think.

I travel light, but I have some interesting items in my luggage. As you know, I’m a sucker for the open road. I am not, however, a fan of feeling displaced, travel-worn, and tired.

I know many of you travel a lot too. Try some of these tips I’ve picked up along the way to stay happy and healthy while you’re on the road.

Make Yourself at Home

One of the biggest problems people face while traveling is the alienation of not having a space to call your own. Hotel rooms (Airbnb, hostels, or wherever else you may choose to stay) tend to have cookie-cutter furniture and decorations that are seriously impersonal or simply just not your style.

So, I recommend you unpack as soon as you arrive and transform the room into your own space.

Bring some lightweight decorations and amenities you can put in the room. I always travel with scarves, sarongs, and a little travel altar. As soon as I arrive, they come out and get placed over TVs, shelves, and walls. This way I’m always looking at things that are familiar, pleasant, and make me feel at home. Whatever you choose to bring, whether it be crystals, pictures, or whatever else, make sure it’s something dear to you that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Don’t just think about decorations though. Remember, we have five senses and they all need to experience familiarity, comfort, and relaxation. I travel with my own pillow for physical comfort and I always roll out my yoga mat when I arrive. I travel with essential oils and incense. These last items are great for relaxation and meditation.

Feeling at home doesn’t have to start in the hotel room either. Even on a plane, you can carve out a small place to feel at home. Neck pillows, eye masks, and ear plugs shut out the external chaos of the flight. I also travel with crystals – I select different kinds depending on where I’m going. I always wear my hematite necklace on airplanes to deflect energy from all these strangers in a tight space.

Food and Supplies

I’m very picky about the food I eat. I like to stay healthy, and it can be hard to find food that is healthy, tasty, and affordable. That’s why I travel with my own little electric kettle. This way I can make teas and warm up simple foods, like oatmeal. I also bring a shaker cup for smoothies. I bring superfood powders and a great variety of green juice powder supplies.

I also bring a variety of supplements, such as probiotics, multivitamins, propolis, wellness formula, activated charcoal, grapefruit seed extract, and organic oregano. These supplements keep me healthy, happy, and balanced. Little snacks – nuts, dried fruits, or whatever I can find regionally also make a big difference.

Of course, you can’t bring everything that you’re going to eat with you. That’s why I always do research ahead of time to find restaurants and places to buy food in the area. If you’re traveling with people who know the area, or you have friends who’ve been there before, make sure to ask them for ideas.

Have a Relaxation Routine

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, get up early and don’t rush your day. I like to have my morning routine of meditation, yoga, gratitude, and affirmation. I need to ease into the day. If I don’t, I will keep this feeling of anxiety with me throughout the day. No matter what time zone I’m in, I give myself 2-3 hours of alone time in the morning to get in the right frame of mind, generate a ton of energy, and get ready for the day.

Technology can help make it easier to relax in an unfamiliar setting. Before I leave, I load up all of my electronic gadgets with mind/body wellness resources: meditation apps, audio books, Kindle books, music, yoga classes, relaxation apps, lectures, you name it. I keep a pretty consistent dialogue streaming to always feel engaged, clear, and uplifted no matter where I am. My gadgets can give me the tools to open my mind and get rid of anxiety, frustration, and weariness.

These are just a few small tips, but they can really transform the way you travel. Being intentional about creating a home for yourself and doing what it takes to be happy and healthy can get rid of anxiety and allow you to focus on the excitement, opportunities, and learning experiences that travel can bring.

Hope you find this helpful!