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Silvia is the international executive coach and business consultant that CEOs, entrepreneurs, and industry innovators turn to for her strategic frameworks for growth. Her cross-cultural competence and vast global experience make her the #1 resource for high-achieving leaders and their senior management teams during periods of rapid growth.

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All my clients have this in common: They are innovators who create paradigm shifts. My clients are originators of dreams and architects of change. They are always hungry for a deeper understanding of who they are and what they value in their lives. These leaders have focus, take decisive actions, and have expert advisors who bring out the best in them.

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Super excited to share we just launched the Amplify 360° is a self-guided online program that helps you get clear on your goals, obliterate your roadblocks, and uncover a clear pathway to your own personal mastery.

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My Mission

My mission is to maximize global impact by curating human potential. I work with people who dare to care, challenge dated systems, and transform the status quo.

My clients are visionaries and changemakers, driven to create the change they want to see in this world; building innovative, successful businesses while staying grounded in a meaningful life well-lived.

Achieving any audacious goal starts from a place of self-discovery and requires personal development. I give my clients dynamic frameworks in which they can consistently learn, grow, and change. These frameworks provide the foundation needed to overcome obstacles and create clarity for effective execution.

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The DNX podcast is a place for anyone seeking to build or sustain success and fulfillment in a nontraditional lifestyle. I interview entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, and other leaders such as Deepak Chopra and Christian Northrup about the topics you don’t always hear in mainstream media. Tune in if you want to learn how to live a fulfilled life and be inspired by movements, passion, and purpose.

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