"Silvia gave me the insights, tools, and support I needed to do the hard work and to hold myself accountable for the changes I sought in my professional and personal life. She brings valuable business expertise, a zest for living, and deep care for her clients to every interaction and is a fantastic partner to have in your corner."
Anthony Dorment, Digital Media Executive, New York, NY
“Working with Silvia has been a challenge in the best sense of the word. She has helped me understand and square myself with others’ perceptions of me so I could begin to own the narrative of who I am and what I’m capable of. She’s an attentive listener, is unequivocally supportive, shares what she thinks without passing judgment, and is able to call me out when I’m missing an opportunity to learn something. I think she’s a fantastic coach.”
Russell Farhang, Partner, PDT Partners NY, NY
“Silvia deeply understands the tools and frameworks to best position leaders for success in business growth – she shifted my mindset around work, relationships and purpose and supported me to create a framework that has become the most powerful new tool in my life."
Jesse Israel, Co-Founder Big Quiet, New York, NY
I've been fortunate to have worked with Silvia for the last year. She's quick to build a rapport, action-oriented, and incredibly thoughtful. We've worked through countless challenges together and in each instance, she's helped me develop a new and fresh perspective.
Ashwin Budhiraja, Thrive Cap, NY, NY
"Silvia is an inspiring partner who helps people find their true calling and potential. Her ability to listen, guide and encourage is matched only by her dedication to helping each individual reach a place of personal strength and meaning. She’s successfully helped me reach my professional goals."
WingPepper, Entrepreneur, Sf, CA
Silvia was able to change my perspective and allow me to see life through different lenses. She has the ability to be empathetic and at the same time driven and hold you to account – which I find very few coaches do. I also appreciated that when you had a session with her it was an open and direct conversation that got straight into the matter at hand.
Steve Rowbotham, Chief Commercial Officer, INK GLOBAL, London
"We brought Silvia in to support our clients in scaling their businesses. Through her expertise, she improved their market penetration, market position, brand awareness, and develop fixed, concrete goals to work toward.  As a result of her efforts, our client progressed twice as far toward the realization of their personal and business goals. She consistently delivers twice the value."
Roberts Schwigert, Co-Founder, Goodstead, New York, NY
"Silvia has a unique ability to turn challenges into opportunities and supported me in developing an executable growth roadmap. She handed me a GPS system that has exponentially upgraded my ability to lead."
Gesche Haas, Founder, DD, New York, NY
“She is a tremendous asset to anyone who wishes to engage her expertise. She's changed my outlook on life and the way I lead my teams"
Joe Landry, EVP, HERE MEDIA, New York, NY
“I am always confident that no matter what the conversation, challenge or objective, Silvia will contribute valuable insight, enthusiasm, and determination. She is an extremely intelligent, hard working, and genuine expert, and a true asset to anyone who wants to get to the next level in their lives.”
Rick Biosli, Partner, Bartley & Dick, New York, NY
“Silvia is an inspired leader, she pairs business growth with self-improvement principles and an enchanting attitude, driven mindset and vision of endless possibilities and shows an intuitive passion to break ground on personal and professional frontiers.”
Peter Blaney, CEO, Bangkok Thailand
“Silvia has a unique ability to mix insight with pragmatism and empathy. She has helped me sort through the noise of my professional and personal life and has supported me in design a growth path aligned with my core values."
Mike Cooke, Partner of a Global Consulting Firm, Chicago, Il