Taking A wholehearted approach to leadership development

Hi, I’m Silvia! I am a certified executive coach, former business operator who specializes in leadership development grounded in I/O psychology and organizational behavioral science. Based in New York City, I work closely with CEOs throughout the United States (including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami) as well as in Europe(mainly London and Berlin).

My no-nonsense, business outcome-oriented, integrated 360º approach is designed for leaders in fast-paced, high-growth environments. Some clients consider me their secret to success, while others view me as their trusted outside observer and confidant during challenging periods of heightened stress. Acting as their co-pilot, I guide them in effectively leading their companies through various stages of growth.



Executive Coaching

Leadership development grounded in I/O psychology for CEO, Founders, and C-Suite executives. This 1-1 work will help you grow into a more effective leader, get clear, and take decisive action. I act as a thought partner to help you make vital business decisions.

Co-Founder Coaching

Coaching for founders, business partners and any C-suite execs who need mediation or have a desire to grow stronger together as a team. This is for people who want to design a resilient, transparent, and supportive business environment.



Team development for fast-paced, high-growth, as well as globally distributed companies. Group coaching and workshops designed to deepen team cohesion and communication.

  • Jesse Israel, Co-Founder Big Quiet, New York, NY
    “Silvia deeply understands the tools and frameworks to best position leaders for success in business growth – she shifted my mindset around work, relationships and purpose and supported me to create a framework that has become the most powerful new tool in my life."
  • Elana Horwich, Author, LA, CA
    “Working with Silvia really helped me get organized for my book launch. She is a true catalyst for you! I highly recommend her if you are looking to develop yourself as a leader and grow your business."
  • Steve Rowbotham, Chief Commercial Officer, INK GLOBAL, London
    Silvia was able to change my perspective and allow me to see life through different lenses. She has the ability to be empathetic and at the same time driven and hold you to account – which I find very few coaches do. I also appreciated that when you had a session with her it was an open and direct conversation that got straight into the matter at hand.
  • Gesche Haas, Founder, DD, New York, NY
    "Silvia has a unique ability to turn challenges into opportunities and supported me in developing an executable growth roadmap. She handed me a GPS system that has exponentially upgraded my ability to lead."
  • Mike Cooke, Partner of a Global Consulting Firm, Chicago, Il
    “Silvia has a unique ability to mix insight with pragmatism and empathy. She has helped me sort through the noise of my professional and personal life and has supported me in design a growth path aligned with my core values."
  • WingPepper, Entrepreneur, Sf, CA
    "Silvia is an inspiring partner who helps people find their true calling and potential. Her ability to listen, guide and encourage is matched only by her dedication to helping each individual reach a place of personal strength and meaning. She’s successfully helped me reach my professional goals."
  • Jennie Docherty, LA, CA
    "Silvia gave me a renewed sense of energy and hope. Working with her gave me the clarity I needed to walk confidently in the direction of the future I wanted to build for myself."
  • Anthony Dorment, Digital Media Executive, New York, NY
    "Silvia gave me the insights, tools, and support I needed to do the hard work and to hold myself accountable for the changes I sought in my professional and personal life. She brings valuable business expertise, a zest for living, and deep care for her clients to every interaction and is a fantastic partner to have in your corner."
  • Alexa Maniaci, Founder, AFlutter, New York, NY
    "Her expertise helped me transition from an overworked and anxious small business owner to an entrepreneur able handling multiple national businesses. She wants you to become a truly healthy individual on the inside and out so that you can constantly grow, move forward, and make powerful and profitable decisions."
  • Russell Farhang, Partner, PDT Partners NY, NY
    “Working with Silvia has been a challenge in the best sense of the word. She has helped me understand and square myself with others’ perceptions of me so I could begin to own the narrative of who I am and what I’m capable of. She’s an attentive listener, is unequivocally supportive, shares what she thinks without passing judgment, and is able to call me out when I’m missing an opportunity to learn something. I think she’s a fantastic coach.”
  • Peter Blaney, CEO, Bangkok Thailand
    “Silvia is an inspired leader, she pairs business growth with self-improvement principles and an enchanting attitude, driven mindset and vision of endless possibilities and shows an intuitive passion to break ground on personal and professional frontiers.”


Together, we will focus on key aspects of leadership development and organizational design. I will guide you in the process of getting clear, centered, and truly aware of your impact as a leader. You will grow into your authentic leadership style and develop your ability to lead across all growth stages with courage and heart.

My clients are impact-driven leaders. I look for passionate individuals who dare to care. They have a deep desire to invest in themselves to effectively lead and create environments where their teams can thrive. Their success comes from a combination of curiosity and willingness to learn.

In our time together, we might see bursts of growth, and at other times, the changes will be subtle, yet powerful. This process is collaborative, interactive, and experiential—we will go deep!

Be ready to: 

Get clarity on what you truly want

Have a strong WHY and a desire for change

Feel an unwavering commitment to doing the work

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More Details

This is probably not what you are looking for if…
  • You’re someone who has already achieved high levels of success.
  • You are someone who thinks they have already learned all there is to know.
  • You’re unwilling to be coached and learn powerful time-tested techniques.
  • You don’t have the willingness to persevere when faced with obstacles.
  • You believe that past performance always equals future success.

If you’re relentlessly seeking to elevate your game in all areas of life, now is the time to break through your barriers and take the quantum leap – Then this is for you!

Are you a good fit for Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is for people who want it. You’re a good fit if you are…

  • Looking for ways to maximize your leadership skills. You want to make the most of every waking (and sleeping!) moment.
  • Consumed by a deep desire to step into your highest potential, achieve goals, and have breakthroughs in your career.
  • Ready to shift from incremental gains to quantum leaps in your business.
  • Eager to step into your higher ambition and reach your next level of success.

This is for people who are wondering, “How can I be better?” You need clarity, focus, and accountability for this next phase of your development.

How I can take you from where you are to where you want to be?

Achieving anything that is worthwhile, inspiring, and driven by a meaningful desire is HARD! It takes practice, patience, and perseverance. You need someone to support you!

Maybe you feel like you have wasted enough time doing this on your own without making significant changes.

I know, because I’ve been there. I’ve struggled and failed A LOT.

Success hasn’t fallen into my lap. My life is real. I know what it feels like to hit bottom, dead-end roads, and experience disillusionment.

As a result, I also know what it feels like to linger at the plateau of success: feeling bored, stagnant, and stuck in a state of quiet desperation.

I know what it means to have my desires fail me on every level, lose everything, and have to start over.

I’ve faced financial despair and been fortunate enough to learn new levels of success.

I know what it feels like to go from being completely isolated to building the most incredible relationships.

However, I also understand shame, regret, humiliation, failure, and heartbreak.

I know what it feels like to chase a dream like it’s the last train leaving the station, and then realize it wasn’t even the right train!

And I know what it takes to build a business from an idea, all the way over to meeting target ROI without losing your health, sanity, and relationships along the way.

(If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)


I’m deeply committed to doing this work myself every day, and I know how hard it is to actually do it!

Everything I have and everything I do is a direct result of consistently getting back up, taking my chances, and developing a level of joy and gratitude accompanied by mental and emotional fortitude.

I teach from experience and I teach from knowledge. Life itself has been my greatest teacher of all. I can give you insights – not because I’ve spent the last decade obsessively studying, but I also practice what I preach.

As a result, I trust in my knowledge and ability to learn whatever it takes to move myself to the next level. I have the discipline to create a learning journey for myself.

I’d hope you want to work with me because you trust that I KNOW WHAT IT TAKES. Because I live it. I am it and I mean it.

And I want to give you the opportunity to take this journey for yourself!

Why I think people tend to fail on their own

Sometimes, people don’t follow through. They hit that first obstacle or stumbling block, and they give in to frustration. It’s so much easier to stick to the well-worn groove of routine rather than face the obstacles of change.

Sometimes, people aren’t prepared to succeed. They don’t have a social construct of friends, family, and colleagues to support their efforts. Often, people haven’t developed habits for success, so they make excuses rather than finding solutions.

Sometimes, people don’t realize how hard change is going to be. Their past successes lull them into complacency, and they think the same methods that got them where they are can take them to the next level.

Sometimes, people just aren’t willing to commit to discovering their true vision. They get involved in a variety of projects but never see anything through, because they aren’t truly invested in what they’re doing. Those people can keep taking half measures and look for the easy button.

General FAQs

Will I get worksheets and assignments?

Yes! I will give you tools, worksheets, and resources as they apply. Our process together might vary and I won’t overwhelm you with sheets and assignments unrelated to your goals.

But yes, you will have homework assignments and be given resources you can keep as a reference for later.

What happens if progress is slower than expected?

Don’t worry — this happens. We will go and grow at your pace. We’ll work on your individual goals for as long as you need. Also, keep in mind that I’m not just going to leave you. You might consider continuing on like many others after our initial 6 months. Growth takes time. It takes practice, patience, and perseverance. I’m here to teach you techniques and to hold you accountable for as long as you want me to back you up. That is entirely up to you.

What happens after the six months of the program?

That’s up to you. Most people continue to maintain their momentum. We will meet less often, but still check in about progress.

We can easily drop back into old habits if we don’t exercise our attitudinal muscles and mental fitness.

It’s like going to the gym. You don’t just stop when you’ve reached your goal and go back to your old habits – you keep at it! It’s possible you may not need your coach every week, but you may want to check in with me from time to time to do a spot check, attitude adjustment, etc.

Some clients just book a road mapping session every quarter to keep themselves aligned and in check.

That’s what I personally do. Every quarter, I set aside a day to meet with my coach and strategize about what I have accomplished according to what I set out to experience, learn, or create, and how I want to move forward. Is there something that needs to change or did something become redundant? Do I need to pivot or did life just have a completely different plan?

What happens if I have to cancel a session?

Unfortunately, if you cancel your session the same day or are a no-show, I am not able to reschedule and you will lose the session. Please keep in mind I have many clients and cannot accommodate last-minute requests.

I’ll be traveling during our program. Can you work around my schedule?

Good question! I am a traveler and chances are that many of you are road warriors as well. Don’t worry — we will work around your schedule and time zone differences. My clients live all over the world and it’s all workable. I just need you to be a little flexible and open-minded. This might mean we will not always be using video on Zoom and will instead do a call only.

Please note: I do have blackout dates for travel. During those times, I will not be able to book any sessions. Those are your implementation weeks.

What happens before our initial session?

Before our initial deep-dive session, you will receive a questionnaire, which I need you to fill out diligently and in detail. You will then be sent an invite to my calendar to book a time that works for you. After that, you’ll have continued access to this calendar to book your subsequent sessions. I encourage you to book these well in advance, as my calendar fills up quickly with the most popular times. Please be mindful of the times you choose and please don’t commit to a time you cannot keep. I encourage you to book the same time slot every week. It’s good for consistency.

What happens during our session?

I work over zoom video calls or in person. Please make sure you are in a location that is private and quiet. We might discuss some very personal and intimate stuff, so I want you to be in a place that is comfortable to you. Please don’t zoom me in your underwear. Dress appropriately and I’ll do the same for you.

Come prepared for our sessions. Send me assignments well in advance so I have a chance to look them over and give you feedback.

My Approach

We are here to build an authentic relationship to help you grow into the influential leader your team and investors need you to be across every growth stage of your company. My focus is leadership development with an emphasis on behavioral science and communication. I typically work with founders for several years, from Series A to IPO or Acquisition, and intimately know the leadership challenges across different growth stages as a former operator.

Areas of expertise
  • CEO, Founder/Co-Founder coaching
  • 360º  analysis and company assessments
  • Create an effective and generative feedback culture
  • Develop your authentic leadership and communication style
  • Navigate the challenges of hiring the right talent and developing your team across growth stages
  • Design company culture and team dynamics in which individuals can thrive
Common Areas of Exploration: 
  • Adopt your leadership style to any situation
  • Manage your team’s group dynamics
  • Uncover blind spots that keep getting in the way
  • Learn to lead powerful conversations
  • Develop your communication style
  • Improve accountability with yourself and your team
  • Balance being a founder/CEO with other responsibilities
  • Build tools to manage stress management
  • Develop emotional resilience for Founders//CEOs
  • And so much more…!
Best profile for me to effectively support:
  • You are a Founder, CEO, or C-suite executive
  • You run a company of 20+ employees
  • You are raising capital or are post capital raise (Series A to IPO)
  • Growth mindset, curious, and willingness to develop themselves
  • Interested in leadership qualities relevant in this day and age

“Alone you can go fast together we can go far” ~ African Proverb

What we will do: 


  • Explore how to deepen the relationship through inevitable ups and downs
  • Discuss shared goals and any communication barriers at play
  • Proactively build the relationship and build on communication skills
  • Build habits and tools to navigate the start-up roller coaster
  • Learn how to regularly check in to  address problems before they become complications
  • Co- Founder mediation: this would include resolving seemingly irreconcilable conflict
  • Ensure that friction between Co-Founders does not affect the team
  • (re)-establish emotional safety for all
  • design better feedback culture for people can express and express productively

“Alone you can go fast together we can go far” ~ African Proverb


Programs: We develop bespoke programs; the goal is to help the leadership team build stronger relationships, deepen team cohesion and create better communication.

Areas of Exploration:

  • Understand company culture and team dynamics
  • Explore existing group norms
  • Understand the communication styles of each member
  • Create a common language for more open exchanges
  • Develop a leadership code of conduct
  • Psychological Safety Do’s and don’ts
  • Situational Leadership
  • Tools for Generative feedback culture (Radical Candor, SBI , MI)
  • and so much more…!

Delivery Options:

  • 6 Sessions: 1 Hour Each, Weekly or Biweekly
  • 3 Sessions: 2 Hours Each, Weekly or Biweekly


  • Grounded in group psychology
  • Focused on teams or workgroups
  • Ongoing practice-based programs
  • Led by experts in group dynamics
  • Affordable and easy to implement