Silvia is an engaging speaker and moderator. She has a unique ability to entertain an audience with candor and authenticity. If that’s something you want on your stage, reach out! 

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Most Popular Topics For Talks,
Workshops And Seminars

Creating Team Cohesion 

The importance of alignment between the leadership team in a rapidly growing company

Future Of Leadership

What leading in this post-pandemic world looks like

Working With Millennials

How the rise of millennials is changing the way we live and lead.

The Art Of Failing Forward

Building emotional resistance as a founder on the winding road to success. 

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Future of Leadership

Why to be a force of positive influence amidst dated leadership models.

The current model of leadership, especially within fast-growing startups, is broken. Companies and individual leaders are steeped in outdated operations, “bro culture” and non-inclusive attitudes. This affects everything from employee morale to the bottom line. In this talk, I will discuss effective leadership methods that inspire CEOs, executive, and those around them to maximize engagement, motivation, and overall success. I will outline the advantages of inclusive and diverse company cultures, revealing a practical system for becoming a true leader of leaders.

Working with Millennials

How the rise of millennials is changing the way we live and lead.

In 2025 millennials will make up 75% of the workforce and with this 46% of US income. Understanding their habits, underlining value sets is mission critical for any company trying to engage them today. The future of mobility, workflow automation, and remote workforces are creating a value shift and lifestyle choices. The rise of the freelance economy and decentralized teams is giving us new opportunities to rethink how we work and what we value.

The Art Of Failing Forward

Mindset practices to get you to where you want to be.

The path to success is paved with bricks of failure. Every successful person will tell you how mistakes (and sometimes even colossal failures) are inevitable in the pursuit of growth, progress, and pushing the envelope. Learning how to navigate the emotional landscape of this journey without letting fear rule the decision-making process is a key stepping stone to achievement. In this talk, I will share my personal experiences, and the principles and psychological enablers that ensure my success. I will discuss the mindsets and skill sets necessary to stay highly motivated, maintain momentum and truly thrive.

Healthy Habits: The Key To Growing Your Business

How to leverage healthy habits and psychological enablers for success.

In this 24/7 world, it’s become almost impossible to avoid burnout, especially for CEOs and executives. It is very common to get stuck in overwhelm or live in a state of perpetual exhaustion in order to meet company goals. It’s easy to neglect personal well-being even though it’s inextricably linked to long-term/sustainable success. In this talk, I will explore how to build resources we can draw upon in times of heightened stress to increase performance, productivity, and motivation. Understanding the connection between our body, mind, and lifestyle choices is key to self-leadership and the leadership of others.

6 Essentials For Dynamic Living

How to practice freedom as a discipline in this increasingly fluid world.

In this talk, I share the six essential principles I’ve followed to achieve the success and high level of satisfaction I have in my life. Studies in behavioral psychology show that we are more likely to succeed if we are in favorable environments that support our efforts. I will share how I built a business aligned with my personal values to drive the impact and change I want to see in this world. I will tell you what I’ve learned from living in seven different countries while managing clients and teams remotely over the past 13 years. I will show you how I practice freedom as a discipline, and why this keeps me feeling inspired, motivated, and fulfilled.