Reclaim your morning and seize the day.

Having a “morning routine” allows me to be my best version of me. I can master the madness that is my life and my mind. Yes, you heard me – the madness in my mind. I’m one of those people. My mind will get the best of me in no time, should I allow it to run the show. I have a monkey mind, hosting too many thoughts at once and they can easily govern my emotions.

I just recently stopped my routine to test this out. (once in a while we’ve got to drop it all to see what is no longer needed and what is really effective.

Turns out, when I let go of my routine, I do not show up to the best of my ability. I’m more anxious, less capable, unfocused, and reactive.

Oh well – research done and back to basics.

Here are my 9 favorite Morning Rituals to have my best day, every day!

Do you also want a dynamic, fun-filled day, every day? Then start by reclaiming your morning. Create a routine that supercharges your body, mind, and spirit! Put yourself in the right mindset, invigorate your body, and create a positive mental attitude before you look at your phone or engage with the world.

  1. Ignore your phone in the morning until after breakfast

Try keeping your phone on airplane mode until you are “ready” to mindfully engage with the world.  Limit your screen time as much as possible when you first wake up. Don’t be a slave to your gadgets. (And, really, your phones shouldn’t be in your bedroom at all.)


  1. Meditate upon awakening

Make it a rule and create some triggers around it. For example, as soon as your alarm goes off, sit in a comfortable position for at least five minutes. Set a timer so you know when it’s time to stop. If you struggle with meditation, try guided meditations, mobile apps, or mantras. Sometimes simply focusing on your inhales and exhales will suffice. Trust me. If you do this every day for two weeks, you’ll get the hang of it and start seeing some significant changes.


  1. Drink an 8oz glass of warm water with lemon

It will wake you up, hydrate your body, and jumpstart your metabolism. Your body can be dehydrated after sleeping for a full seven to nine hours. Ease off the caffeine  – it only makes you feel sluggish in the morning.


  1. Take a hot shower

Start your day with a nice shower. It’s getting colder outside and having a hot shower warms up your body and awakens your muscles. It gets rid of the achiness. Allow yourself to ease into the day. NO need to shock your system awake with cold water. Be kind to yourself. It’s best to do this before you stretch or work out.


  1.  Move your body

Stretch or go for a walk or run. My personal favorite is a personalized yoga practice every morning, lasting anywhere between 5 -95 minutes. Establishing a yoga practice will help you get tuned into your body, mind, and soul.


  1. Eat breakfast

A healthy, high protein, low sugar breakfast (plant proteins are fine and FYI carbs = sugar!)  This will jumpstart your metabolism and help prevent over-snacking later. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, a quick breakfast is better than none. Try greens, nuts, or smoothies.


  1. Feed your mind

Walk into the day with intention. Don’t just show up without an agenda.  Read a personal development book, watch a motivational video, or listen to light and positive music while sipping green tea. You will find yourself listening to some pieces of music or videos over and over again and still learn something new each time.


  1. Set an intention for the day

Try jotting something down in your journal or yelling out a positive mantra. Visualize something awesome you want to happen in your day. Whatever it is, give yourself direction for the day!


  1.  Practice joy and gratitude

  • Write down 3 things that you love about your life.
  • Write down 3 things that get you excited about the day ahead.


Look – I know it’s hard to stick to these routines. I have found that whenever I do, I have a great day no matter what rolls down the hill. And when I don’t, I am far more likely to get tripped up by life’s passing dramas.

It’s not easy to create a routine and sometimes it’s really hard to keep it up – but it’s really, really worth it. That I can promise.

Do you want a dynamic life? Start by reclaiming your morning and setting the tone for your day. Don’t just waste it on Facebook, getting sucked into the email vortex, and on other peoples’ agendas.

Give this a try for two weeks and let me how it goes!  Reach out HERE.